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Home remedies for ALCOHOL DETOX


1. Quercus robur glandium - Diminishes alcoholic craving, antidotes its effects, such as enlarged spleen and liver. Diarrhea may appear during treatment as a curative effect. - Available as a homeopathic liquid under the name Ouercus glandis. 2. Angelica—Angelica atropurpurea - reduces craving or creates dislike for alcohol, use 5 drops, 3 times daily. - A warming circulatory tonic that relieves gas, bloating, colic, headache. - helps with enlarged spleen, anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic. 3. Calanatts—Acorus calamus - reduces the craving for alcohol, restorative for brain, nervous system. - relieves gas, cramps, distention. Improves appetite, helps exhaustion. 4. Cayenne—Capsicum frutescens - helps stop morning vomiting and gnawing stomach, reduces intense cravings for alcohol and promotes appetite, use in single drop doses. - reduces irritability, anxiety and tremor and induces calm sleep. - Delirium tremens, chills, exhaustion can often be speedily relieved. 5. Celandine—Chelidonium majus - Specific for liver problems from alcohol, extreme sensitivity to, and bad effects from, drinking. liver healer and detoxifier, even for cirrhosis. - Calms emotions (i.e. anger, depression) during withdrawal or cravings. - For general sluggishness, difficulty concentrating and mental dullness. 6. Hops—Humulus lupulus - Sedative that relieves anxiety-related withdrawal symptoms, aids DTs. - helps irritability and restlessness, promotes healthy digestion. - relieves insomnia, frequent wakings, not suitable during depression. 7. Khella—Ammi visnaga - Ayurvedic herb that alleviates the acute and chronic effects of alcohol. - Powerful antispasmodic and pain remedy. Used for asthma, angina. 8. Kudzu—Pueraria lobata - Traditional use in China to sober a drunk person and for various side effects of alcohol (hangover, thirst, gastric bleeding, loss of appetite). - Recent research shows it can dramatically reduce craving for alcohol. 9. Milk Thistle—Silybum marianum - Protects against damage to the liver by alcohol, drugs and toxins. - Powerfully regenerates damaged liver tissue, essential for cirrhosis. 10. Oats—Avena sativa - Excellent for weaning off alcohol, drugs, opiates, narcotics. Invigorating without intoxication or overstimulation. Improves clarity, focus. - Restores proper nerve functioning, eases a racing heart or palpitations. 11. Passionflower—Passiflora incarnata - Treats insomnia, delirium tremens or spasms related to withdrawal. - Useful to induce restful sleep without producing hangover effects. - Combines well with kava, skullcap, valerian, hops or Jamaican dogwood. 12. Quassia—Picrasma/Quassia excelsa - Antidotes effects of alcohol, rejuvenates the spleen. A bitter that stimulates appetite and digestive function, tonifies a weak digestive system. 13. Schisandra—Schisandra chinensis - Controls anger and aggression without sedation, combats depression. - A liver tonic for hepatitis and an adaptogen that assists the body in bal- ancing stress, effective for nervous exhaustion, weakness, insomnia. 14. Wild Lettuce—Lactuca virosa - Produces a general sense of well-being, calms excitability, relieves pain. - Mild sedative and cure for insomnia, safe for both young and old. 15. To prevent the patient from pining for stimulants like alcohol, it is most important to feed ample amounts of nutrients back in his body. To begin with, the patient should be on an “all liquid” diet, preferably juices, for a minimum period of 10 to 12 days. This is by far the best home remedy for alcoholism to start with. As this fast will progress, the patient will steadily experience less craving. This will break his drinking pattern and preferably the patient should start on a diet of several small meals a day rather than three large ones. 16. Even after the successful completion of the juice fast, the patient should continue to have an intake of fresh fruit juices and plenty of water. A healthy diet for alcoholism must include foods such as wholegrain cereals, legumes and pulses, fresh fruits and vegetables. Initially, the patient might experience cravings and so an appropriate replacement may be given to alleviate the same. A glass of fresh fruit juice and eating healthy snacks like candy or Soya beans etc will curb his cravings which might increase the urge for drinking in the stages immediately after the treatment.



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