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Low-Cal And Delicious Lettuce Wraps Recipe

These fresh and delectable hand-held treats are a spectacular blend of flavours, textures and taste while being incredibly healthy for you.Lettuce Wraps RecipeLettuce wraps have an appetizing, low-calorie filling that taste amazing along with a tangy dipping sauce. Preparation Time: 20 MinutesCooking Time: 12-15 MinutesTotal Time: 35 MinutesServes: 4-5Ingredients For DipRice wine vinegar, mild (180 milliliters)Red pepper powder (one-eighth teaspoon)Freshly squeezed juice of lemon (a tablespoonful...

Lactose Intolerance: Switch to Soy Milk

Lactose intolerance is a condition when your body cannot metabolize lactose, a type of sugar that is found in milk. This happens because the digestive system lacks an enzyme called lactase which is necessary to break down the sugar lactose. In such cases, this sugar moves directly to the colon and the bacteria present in the colon starts breaking it down and fermenting it, which causes production of huge amount of gases like methane, hydrogen and carbon dioxide. This causes discomfort in the abdominal...

Amazing Jillian Michael Diet And Fitness Plan

Are you stuck in the vicious cycle of yo-yo dieting or simply discontent about your current weight? Make a positive 360 degree turn in your life with the Jillian Michaels Diet, not to be mistaken to be just any fad diet. The brainchild, Jillian Michaels, with well over a decade and half of valuable experience, is a famed tough cookie and fitness coach of ‘the Biggest Loser’ who ceaselessly nudges participators into shedding surplus pounds. The Jillian Michael diet offers a comprehensive, valuable...

How To Lose Fat With Yogurt

Is yogurt the latest fad diet to get rid of unattractive body fat and for weight loss? Recent studies by nutritionists recommend eating yogurt to boost weight loss process. According to them, three minimum servings of yogurt per day with meals and snacks effectively burn fat in the body.Belly fat is not only unappealing but also increases risks of diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. Only a balanced nutritious low calorie diet plan can reduce the body fat. Yogurt now comes under weight loss super... diets, plans and health