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Your Nutrient-Rich Pregnancy Diet


Pregnant woman need to take utmost care of their body and have a proper nutrient-rich diet. After all, your baby is inside you who is receiving nutrition from what you eat.So, what should your diet be when you are pregnant? What all nutrients are needed by the body during pregnancy? This article will tell you all about the important nutrients that your body needs during the nine months of pregnancy.

Folate for Your Baby Being Healthy:

The first thing you should do from the first month of pregnancy is increase the intake of folic acid.

This nutrient protects your baby against neural tube defects and prevents any pre-birth labor pains. Rich sources of this nutrient include green leafy vegetables, citrus fruits and dried beans. Taking a prenatal vitamin that contains folic acid on a regular basis can also prove very beneficial.

Increase Protein Intake:

You need more protein during pregnancy to ensure your baby grows healthy. You must at least intake 10 grams more protein a day than what you were eating before you were pregnant.

Rich sources of protein are dairy products and meat, fish, eggs, nuts, etc. No medicines can provide you with protein supplements like vitamins so ensure that you take greater quantity of this product in your daily meals.

Increase Iron Intake:

You should also increase the iron intake in your body so that each cell in your baby’s body receives ample amount of oxygen. Consume a lot of fruits, and green leafy vegetables to make sure your body receives double the amount of iron that you were taking before you got pregnant.

Have More Fats:

Fats are also very important during the nine months of your pregnancy. They help in the proper development of your baby’s eye and brain. Avoid saturated fatty acids and go for unsaturated fats that are contained in food items such as nuts, oils like olive and canola, and fish like salmon and tuna.

Eat More of Fibrous Food:

Fiber helps in preventing constipation that causes problem during pregnancy. Rich sources of fiber include fruits, vegetables and whole-grains.By eating the right amount of all these important nutrients, you will ensure you enjoy every minute of your pregnancy days and the result is that your baby is healthy and lively. diets, plans and health